Noticias y novedades de Corner Sun, The Stone Eye y Megafauna

The Stone Eye

Poison Apple


A band creating music that’s bigger than the sum of its parts, The Stone Eye is a Philadephia based Fuzz Rock two-piece influenced by the likes of Queens of the Stone Age, Kyuss, Royal Blood, Truckfighters and Black Sabbath.

Lead singer and guitarist Stephen Burdick and drummer Jeremiah Bertin have been together since 2014, exploding onto their local music scene with their debut long player ‘Virtues of Oblivion’ in late 2015 and followed up by the criticially acclaimed ‘Poison Apple’ in late 2016. This album’s title track is loud and loose, a perfect introduction into The Stone Eye’s impressive guitar solos, complex, pounding rhythms, impressive songwriting and accomplished musicianship.”The idea behind most of the tunes was to make something heavy and ‘odd’ enough for hardcore music fans while also maintaining a pop sensible so the songs could appeal to the masses.” Explains songwriter Stephen Burdick. “Having a clear hook is also something I try and strive for, nothing keeps someone coming back better than a good hook.”

“Poison Apple can only be described as a “fuzz filled trip through hell” so if that sounds like your sort of thing, you’re definitely going to love this record.”
The Hook Journal

“Sitting in the 90’s grunge/hard rock window, the vocals draw out of a mild valley. Then, those pulverizing guitar riffs and non-stop drums provide the push to the finish line.”
The Deli Magazine

Live Dates:
June 24th: The Pharmacy (Philadelphia, PA)


Welcome Home


descarga (1)

Cosmic vintage metal and melodic neo-psychedelia meld seamlessly in Megafauna’s fourth LP ‘Welcome Home. Consequence of Sound described the album, released in May as “Megafauna’s most ambitious and imaginative record to date, like St. Vincent for people who love the Melvins.”

The Austin-based band led by guitar goddess and singer Dani Neff dives deep into the sounds of soul exploration leveraged on the powerful rhythm section of drummer Zack Humphrey and alternating bassists Will Krause and Bryan Wright.  With ‘Welcome Home’, Megafauna eschew the progressive rock stylings of their earlier work and reach back toward the proto-metal haze of Black Sabbath and Sir Lord Baltimore while ushering it skyward with sharp melodies and the space-rock production work of Curtis Roush and The Bright Light Social Hour.

The album was crafted throughout 2015 in the cloistered bungalow studio of The Bright Light Social Hour and given a muscular mix by veteran engineer Erik Wofford (Black Angels, Bill Callahan). Through a deep look inside and above for new awareness, Megafauna has forged their most vital work to date.

The self proclaimed thinking woman’s hard rock band draw their influences from maximalism, nature, Psychedelia, circus arts, shredding, splatter paint, reading aloud, modern dance, touring compulsively… and sleeping.
“If their sound must be compared to another, it would be like if Bjork had a jam session with the love child of the Animals and Black Sabbath.”
Bust Magazine
“With its wild turns, halcyon harmonies, and roaring guitars, Welcome Home is Megafauna’s most ambitious and imaginative record to date, like St. Vincent for people who like the Melvins.”
Consequence of Sound 
“Where have all the riffs gone in indie rock? Why is everyone slathering twinkly synths on everthing? Maybe it’s because Austin’s Megafauna have stolen all the gnarly riffs in the world and slammed them together with singer/guitarist Dani Neff’s off-kilter vocals, delivered together with a raw punk energy to create 3 minutes of taut, muscular, yet zingly melodic rock.”
“In a town of guitar wizards, Dani Neff is the philosopher’s stone.”
Austin Chronicle 

Corner Sun

The Rattle in the room


Brandon Carr of folk-psychedelia band The Earlies and John Dufilho of experimental pop group The Apples In Stereo and indie rockers The Deathray Davies have joined forces to create Corner Suns.

Combining neo-psych and baroque pop the Dallas based band released their eponymous debut via ??Idol Records in ?January 2017 after Dufilho tempted Carr back into music following a period during which Carr says he’d “given up on it”. Corner Suns’ memorable melodies, catchy hooks and insightful lyrics, influenced by the likes of The Zombies, ??Magnetic Fields, and ??The Shins, are all evident on new single ‘The Rattle in the Room’, providing ample proof that this is a musical pairing worth coming out of retirement for.

Asked about Corner Suns’ sound, John says “To me, Corner Suns sounds like The Deathray Davies, The Apples in Stereo, The Earlies, John Singer Sergeant, CLIFFFS – all rolled into one record. It’s actually beyond that. Dallas bands I’ve played with and loved, recording engineer friends of mine I’ve learned from… I’m lucky to have people like Brandon to collaborate with, as it’s a million times better than on my own. More fun, too.”The Rattle in the Room is released in Idol Records on 12th May 2017.

“‘The Rattle In The Room’ is the kind of quirky pop-rock that the two originally made their names on, and Sarah Jaffe lends her distinctive voice for some sparkling backing harmonies. The song is literally about how much fun it is to make music, and you can hear it. It’s a reset button for two music veterans.”
KUTX 98.9

“…the psychedelic stylings of Tame Impala but with a trancier, more hypnotic groove that lingers in your mind long after listening.”
Glide Magazine



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